About me

IT professional with over 20 years of experience in software development and managing projects. Throughout my career, I have honed my technical skills and gained a deep understanding of the software development process. I’ve also witnessed the evolution of programming paradigms and seen them come and go, adapting to the changing needs of the industry. I have successfully led teams of developers, delivering innovative solutions and exceeding client expectations. Although my role has evolved to become more managerial, I still have a passion for technology and enjoy staying up to date on industry developments. I am committed to fostering a positive and productive work environment, and I thrive in a leadership role where I can inspire and mentor others.

As a manager, I coach and guide my team members, establish and monitor their objectives, address their concerns, and onboard new hires.

The experience of working with different cultures and across various time zones has broadened my perspective and honed my ability to adapt to diverse environments. I’ve come to appreciate the richness that different cultures bring to the table and have embraced the challenges and rewards that come with global collaboration.

Overall, my journey as a software engineer has been an exciting and transformative one. From the early days of JavaScript to my current focus on stakeholder relations and team success, I continue to be driven by a genuine passion for technology and a deep commitment to making a meaningful impact through my work.

PS: Why “luisnomad”? Over the years, I’ve relocated a total of 22 times, which has taken me to two different countries and four distinct cities. I have also traveled to 20+ countries (so far). People used to think of me as a nomad, and this continuous journey has given me a unique perspective on life and a deep appreciation for the diversity of cultures and experiences that the world has to offer. Jamie Lyn Beatty once said: “Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul”. Wasn’t she right?

What I do!

Software Development

I have gained valuable experience in software development, continuously striving to enhance my skills in building robust and scalable applications. I am familiar with various programming languages and frameworks, allowing me to deliver efficient and high-quality software solutions.

Project Management

Throughout my journey in project management, I have been fortunate to lead successful projects. By collaborating with diverse teams, maintaining open communication, and focusing on project objectives, I have consistently delivered results within the allocated time and resources.

IT Consulting

Having had the opportunity to work as an IT consultant, I have been able to contribute insights and solutions to improve IT infrastructure and operations for clients. By staying informed about industry trends and best practices, I aim to provide valuable recommendations tailored to each organization's unique needs.

Technical Recruiting

Through my experience in technical recruiting, I have developed a skill for identifying and attracting talented individuals. By utilizing effective sourcing and assessment techniques, I strive to match candidates who possess the right skills and align with the culture of the organizations I work with.

Content Creation

With a passion for creating meaningful content, I approach each project with a desire to engage and connect with audiences. By employing creative strategies and leveraging different mediums, I aim to deliver impactful messages that resonate with individuals.

Photography / Video Editing

I have always had a deep passion for photography and video editing. Capturing visually appealing images and telling stories through visual mediums brings me immense joy. Through continuous practice and exploration, I strive to refine my skills and create captivating visuals that evoke emotions and connect with viewers. It's an ongoing journey of learning and pushing the boundaries of my creativity.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life: MVP & Proof of Concept Services for Idea Validation

Are you looking to turn your exciting business idea into a tangible reality? Well, you're in luck! With my experience in software development and knack for managing stakeholder relations, I offer MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and Proof of Concept services that will help you confidently validate your idea.

Sometimes, it is hard to understand the challenges and uncertainties that come with bringing a new concept to life. That's why I'm here to collaborate closely with you throughout the entire process. Together, we'll dive into the details of your idea, identify key stakeholders, and understand your overall business goals. By involving you in the development process, we'll make sure your vision remains at the forefront while incorporating valuable insights and feedback from stakeholders.

I know firsthand the importance of having a tangible prototype to showcase your idea. That's why I'll work quickly to transform your concept into a working prototype. This tangible representation will allow you to confidently present your idea to potential investors and users. And you'll learn about the feasibility and market potential of your idea in a straightforward and compelling way.

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