Introducing the Match Check: Find Your Perfect Job Match!

Luis Serrano
Introducing the Match Check: Find Your Perfect Job Match!


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Are you tired of receiving job offers that don’t align with your preferences? Do you wish there was a way to filter out irrelevant offers before even engaging in conversations with recruiters? We have the solution for you - the Match Check!

Today, I am excited to introduce the Match Check, a powerful tool that allows you to evaluate job offers based on specific criteria. With this feature, you can easily assess whether an offer is a good match for you without wasting time on interviews or negotiations that may lead to disappointment.

How Does It Work?

The Match Check helps you identify the key aspects of a job offer that matter most to you. It considers various topics such as job type, technology requirements, position type, and job details. Each topic contains multiple items that represent different options within that topic. By selecting the items that resonate with your preferences, you can build a comprehensive profile of your ideal job.

For example, let’s say you are an engineering manager seeking a position that focuses on hands-on development less than 80% of the time. With the Match Check, you can choose the “Manager (Engineering or Technical)” option within the “Position Type” topic, which aligns perfectly with your desired role. By marking this option as a priority, you ensure that it carries more weight in the evaluation process.

Assessing the Match

The Match Check calculates a score based on your selections, providing a quantifiable measure of how well a job offer matches your preferences. The higher the score, the stronger the match. We’ve designed the scoring system to consider both positive and negative aspects of each topic, ensuring a balanced evaluation.

Additionally, the Match Check allows you to set thresholds for dealbreakers and promising offers. You can define a minimum score below which an offer is automatically classified as a dealbreaker. Conversely, you can establish criteria for what constitutes a promising offer based on the number of selected items and the overall percentage of the score.

The Match Check in Action

I am using PostHog, and I am recording users sessions to see if recruiters understand how the Match Check UI works. Here’s an example of an anonymous recruiter playing around with the options:

Add it to your website!

I have added this code to to Github, it’s a React component that you can easily integrate with your site. You can find it here:

If you love it and plan to use it, I accept coffee as a thank you ☕️❤️

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Finding your perfect job match can be a challenging process, but with the Match Check, it becomes much easier. By defining your preferences and evaluating offers based on those criteria, you can save time, energy, and frustration. Whether you’re a job seeker or casually considering incoming offers, the Match Check empowers you to make informed decisions and streamline your interview pipeline.

Say goodbye to irrelevant offers and hello to your dream job!


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